Functional, textile cover for balconies or terraces. Awnings are available in cassette or non-cassette versions. They make it possible to cover large areas with relatively small dimensions of the cassette. It is possible to use full weather automation. Awnings are a product that is relatively easy to install. The assembly can be done independently and carried out using wall, rafter or ceiling brackets.

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Climate change and changing architectural trends have made these covers become popular in other countries, mainly as storefront to protect the restaurant or shop windows from excessive sunlight. Recent years have shown that awnings are increasingly installed on balconies and terraces of residential buildings, improving the comfort on hot days.

Depending on the location, the investor has at their disposal a full range of awnings, both terrace and balcony. The structure of the product is made of extruded aluminium. The use of a very durable Flyer chain on the arm joints ensures durability and reliability of the awning's operation for many years. In some models, it is possible to use an aluminium visor, which protects the rolled fabric and emphasis the aesthetic appearance of the entire structure.

The awnings are equipped with high-quality acrylic fabrics, additionally secured with Teflon-based impregnation, thanks to which they are very durable and resistant to weather conditions. To increase the ease of use, the awnings are also equipped with the possibility of electric control, including full weather automation.

An alternative to the use of balcony awnings, especially in small window spaces, can be markisolette, which combines the function of traditional awnings with a textile roller blind. The use of this type of product makes it possible to shade the room and thus lower the temperature. In turn, as a roller blind, it protects the interior from sunlight, and thanks to the opening of the awning part, it also provides a good visability to the outside. The awning blind is a cassette system and, depending on the designer's vision, it can be equipped with an oval or square aluminium cassette.

Awnings are a modern, universal and economical solution. It is not only an excellent sun protection, but also an attractive and aesthetic appearance. Over a hundred different colours and patterns of fabrics, combined with five colours of aluminium structures, will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers and allow the awnings to be perfectly integrated into the surroundings.

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