Horizontal, textile cover designed to provide sun protection for skylights and winter gardens. This system is designed for both internal and external use. Modular assembly is available. The VERANDA system is self-supporting and works at any angle, while maintaining the horizontal position of the cassette. VERANDA has a built-in fabric tensioning system.

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Skylights, transparent roofs or winter gardens the VERANDA is not only an effective architectural treatment, but also provides for brighter, more comfortable rooms. Glazed surfaces are the main area where sunlight penetrates. It is important at the design stage to take care of proper sun protection to ensure interiors are not turned into artificial greenhouses and therefore provide comfort for users. 

The perfect solution is the system of VERANDA textile roller blinds, which are used to shade large, flat surfaces, both horizontal and diagonal. It is the characteristics of the fabrics used in these blinds which help to prevent the greenhouse effect inside the room. This results in lower consumption of air conditioning, and thus a reduction in the costs of energy, which significantly reduces the operating costs of the entire building. 

The VERANDA system has a fabric tension system that keeps the fabric constantly tensioned, even on large surfaces. The structural elements of the roller blinds (cassette, guides and bottom bar) are made of extruded aluminium and powder coated, which protects the surface against the effects of UV radiation and other weather conditions. As a result, the product can be used both inside and outside the building. VERANDA is available only with electric control. 

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