Sun shading solutions

It has been known for a long time that the sun is a source of natural light and positive energy for humans, thus having a beneficial effect on the human body

However, despite its benefits, it can be extremely harmful. In order to meet this challenge, the SELT SUN PROTECTION SYSTEMS company, thanks to the implementation of many innovative solutions in the field of sun protection production, makes sure that sun exposure is safer and working in sunny rooms is more comfortable. In our catalogue you will find a full range of products including: facade blinds, textile roller blinds (Refleksol®), sun breakers, awnings and pergolas, which can certainly be adapted to the architecture of a specific facility.

It should be remembered that sun protections not only protect the interiors of buildings against excessive heating in summer, but also reduce the use of air conditioning devices, and thus contribute to reducing the operating costs of buildings. Therefore, during the design stage of the facility, it is worth considering a solution that will ensure proper control of sunlight and balanced access to daylight for the room, and at the same time may become a credentials for buildings applying for BREEAM or LEED certificates.

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