Fixed or movable slats "light breakers", fulfilling the functions of a sun protection system and aesthetic installation of technical devices on the roofs of buildings. These systems can be a decorative element of the facade or building facade. Construction is made of extruded aluminium with the possibility of painting it in any colour from RAL palette.

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Architecturally attractive objects are characterised by large, glazed surfaces, which unfortunately expose the interior to the presence of sunlight, which negatively affects the comfort of their use. To ensure a suitable indoor environment for users, the best solution is to use the SUNBREAKER light breaker system, which is a highly efficient product intended for installation on the facade of a building. Its main task is to prevent excessive sunlight in the rooms, while ensuring access to natural daylight. SUNBREAKER is a very durable system with a light structure, thanks to the use of elliptical blades and guides made of extruded aluminium. The product is available in both a fixed and a movable version, with a specified range of blade rotation and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. The system in the SUNBREAKER Clip version can be used as an alternative to traditional blade walls. They come in the form of blades, with a cross-section similar to the letter Z. The structure of the system is powder coated.

The diversity and multi-variant nature of the system allows you to individually adjust the appropriate solution to the aesthetics of the building and significantly improve its energy balance. The SUNBREAKER system is a perfect tool to make the architectural shape of the building more attractive. Its interesting design and a wide range of colours give the building a new, distinctive character. 

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