Construction with slat or fabric, movable roofing of terraces or other separate external surfaces. It is a system that performs a sun and rain protection function, with the possibility of a modular system, available in a free-standing or wall-mounted version. It is possible to cover the side walls of the PERGOLA system with ZiiiP or Slide covers.

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The dynamically changing weather makes the owners of restaurants, cafes or single-family houses more and more often looking for solutions that, on the one hand, will provide protection against rain, and on the other, will allow you to fully enjoy the charms of a beautiful, hot day. The Pergola system is able to fully meet these expectations, providing a very effective and at the same time economical roofing of large flat areas, which, depending on the needs and creativity of the user, can find a number of applications. The structure of the system is made of extruded aluminium and can be powder coated in any colour from the RAL palette. The side walls of the SB 400 and SB 500 Pergolas can be covered with Refleksol® textile roller blinds (ZiiiP 120 and ZiiiP 120 LARGE), as well as side blinds, the modules with 52mm SLIDE blades or SCREEN fabric, thanks to which we obtain the effect of an additional room In addition, the use of quartz radiators will allow us to enjoy the beauties of nature until late autumn.

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