Group of textile roller blinds as vertical sun protection system, intended for internal or external use. The construction of the roller shutters is made of extruded aluminium. The roller blinds can be controlled manually or electrically. They are characterised by high resistance to weather conditions. These products reduce excessive heating of rooms, eliminate light reflections in the rooms and improve the comfort of working with computer screens.

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Modern architecture is characterised by transparent structures that symbolise modernity, openness or connection with nature. However, the tendency to combine glass and aluminium is of particular importance in relation to energy-saving architecture. Glass facades let in sunbeam radiation which heats the interior of the building and illuminates it with natural daylight. On the other hand, too much sunlight in summer means excessive heat gains, contrasts appearing on the screens of monitors or the possible glare effect of users, which not only affects the adverse environmental parameters inside the building, but also contributes to increased energy consumption electricity for ventilation and cooling. Therefore, even at the design stage, it is worth considering the possibility of installing an appropriate sun protection systems

Achieving a balance between light and shade is guaranteed by the use of the Refleksol® textile roller blind, which, apart from the blackout function, is an excellent decorative element. Fabrics used in roller blinds, thanks to their properties, inhibit the greenhouse effect inside the room, thanks to which this product helps to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in rooms, especially those exposed to sunlight. This makes it possible to reduce the use of air-conditioning devices and contributes to the reduction of building operating costs. Textiles are made of durable polyester or glass fibre, coated with a PVC layer, which also makes them adequately resistant to adverse weather conditions, while maintaining colour durability.

The Refleksol® system is available in several variants and sizes, and depending on the intended use, the cassette (or the winding tube in the case of the cassette-free version) can be installed in a window recess, on the building facade or hidden in thermal insulation. The roller blinds can have rail guides, cable guides, and in the case of internal mounting, they can be in a self-supporting version. Thanks to the use of the appropriate type of guide, it is possible to obtain the effect of full darkening, which is often desirable in the case of conference or cinema rooms.

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