Venetian blinds

Functional and timeless slats sun protection systems, electrically or manually operated. The construction of the blinds is made of extruded aluminium. Facade blinds are covers ensuring thermal comfort of the rooms used. Their advantage is the adjustable angle of the slats, resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation. These products can be installed under a plaster option.

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Contemporary architecture is not only focusing on an interesting design, but above all the functionality of the solutions that have been used. Investors expect designers to create visions of facilities that will not only reduce operating costs, but also ensure ease of use. This also applies to the selection of an appropriate sun visor, which will protect the interior of the room from excessive heat, without limiting the visibility to the outside and ensuring appropriate optical comfort.

The facade blinds system meets all these requirements, thus contributing to the reduction of the use of air-conditioning devices, and savings on electricity. The construction of this type of sun protection systems prevents the formation of so-called sunshades between the curtain and the transparent space. An "air cushion" which, as it heats up, radiates heat inside. In addition, the function of adjusting the angle of the slats enables you to select the appropriate degree of shade, which allows the user to individually manage. The access control of sunlight can also be performed using weather automation, which successively measures the position of the sun and smoothly controls the blinds. 

Facade blinds come in several variations, depending on the shape and thickness of the slats, which is dictated by the place of use (inside or outside the building). It is worth remembering about the sun protection systems at the design stage, because then it is possible to hide the blinds in the insulation, which also has its aesthetic and functional advantages.

The slats made of profiled aluminium have the shape of the letter C or Z, and in combination with properly selected aluminium guides and cover panels (cover panels or cassette with an oval or square cross-section), they give the facades a modern and attractive appearance. Depending on the architectural vision or the investor's wishes, the blinds can have both guide rails and cable guides, and in case of internal installation, also in a self-supporting version. The structure of the venetian blinds is made of extruded aluminium, which ensures its durability and strength. The textile elements on which the slats rest are made of highly durable materials, additionally thermally secured, which ensures their resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation.

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