Passive housing partner

SELT SUN PROTECTION SYSTEMS is a partner of the Polish Passive House Institute and belongs to a group of companies from various sectors of the construction industry that have received the title of Passive House Ambassador.

The project brings together enterprises supporting passive construction by developing production, introducing new, energy-saving components and building materials, scientific research, etc., aimed at reducing energy consumption based on passive construction criteria, according to the highest standards developed by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

SELT SUN PROTECTION SYSTEMS not only protect the interior of buildings against excessive heating in summer, but also reduce the use of air-conditioning devices, resulting in a reduction of building operating costs. Consequently, such products are more frequently chosen by architects and designers as energy-saving solutions, applicable both in single-family homes, as well as in large office and service complexes.

Ensuring proper solar control and a balanced access of daylight to the room is one of the criteria that must be met for buildings applying for BREEAM or LEED certificates, confirming compliance with the requirements for modern technical solutions and environmental aspects, taken into account during their construction and operation.

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